Alternative Assets

Investment Management Securities, LLC

Bespoke Solution

Alternative Asset Investment Management Securities, LLC (“Alternative Assets”) provides a mix of capital introduction, consulting and success based capital raising solutions combined with event manager,investor one on ones customized to best fit your Capital Intro/Capital Consultancy/Capital Raising goals.Philosophically, as Client and Investor needs are the primary driver of our activities and manager offerings we strive to present the ideal mix of services.  Further as a boutique specialist firm, we strive to be nimble in our manager offering to allocators as well as for services rendered to managers. 

Capital Introduction

Capital Introduction services (and/or non success fee based introductions to potential investors/allocators) are available for “clients” of the firm.  In order to become a client of the firm, managers may utilize any number of services as provided by our outsourced partners and/or our broker/dealer platform.

Capital Consultancy

Capital Consultancy services involve one or and/or limited engagements assignments for capital raising deliverables such as marketing research and intelligence, website, materials and questionnaire production and overall product engineering which better highlight the  differentiated approach of the manager.

Capital Raising

Capital Raising constitutes traditional success based third party marketing services.  Depending on the nature and breadth of the assignment, scope of coverage and term, Capital Raising assignments run the gamut of entirely success based compensation to those that include a monthly retainer to increase our overall success of securing allocations from our sophisticated network of institutional investors and family offices.

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