A more targeted approach for the underserved Performance Driven Manager.

Alternative Assets strievs to offer our clients a more enhanced / customized Cap Intro service offering thru our success based Capital Raising/third party marketing contacts as well as across our Investor/Manager events. We systematically utilize all possible marketing contacts and opportunities to help achieve our manager’s capital raising goals. By working on a targeted basis with select manager clients, we can act as an effective supplement to an internal marketing program.


A Documented Process Driven Approach

We advocate a systematic, data point based capital raising process over more emotional and/or instinct based approaches to marketing.  We believe, the performance driven manager must consider the entire spectrum of capital raising opportunities in order to maximize the cyclicality of capital raising opportunities. Our top down/bottom up structure combined with a selective focus on a limited number of clients allow us to do the best job we can for our clients. In doing so, we utilize numerous databases and venues for investor introductions while simultaneously dynamically building our managers profile thru a proprietary technology based public relations effort.

Our process is defined by our personalized focus on our managers as well as through our weekly probability report and 24/7 availability. Additionally, the Firm meets weekly for Mandate Hunt reviews to share intelligence on investor allocation activities.


Asset Allocator Articulation

We work with our managers to inventory all external communication materials.  Where there is philosophical openness, modifications are incorporated into the verbal and written presentations. Where others may work with industry outsiders on cosmetic design, we are more focused on substantive comments and focused networks.


Monetizing Inefficiencies

Upon completion of a working set of marketing documents and a verbal presentation, we inventory our clients pipelines relative to their goals and craft a 12 month capital raising game plan.

Alternative Assets works closely with our clients to help them make the most effective use of the marketing dollars through our Investor + Manager events, one on one meetings with allocators, roadshows as well as our direct introductions.

Alternative Assets uniquely hosts its own series of private events that are customized for the specific requirements of our clients. Our private events create meaningful introductions to our core group of carefully chosen clients and investors.