A Broker Dealer platform for Capital Raising Professionals

Alternative Asset Investment Management Securities, is registered with the SEC and members of FINRA and the NFA. The firm was founded over 16 years ago as a hedge fund capital raising firm, focused on capital raising for Hedge Funds and private fund vehicles. As such, we are specialists in the third-party marketing space with an industry wide brand name, deep relationships as well as technological infrastructure such as a centralized database, email and compliance platforms. Additionally, thru related strategic endeavors and business lines, the Alternative Assets b/d platform provides unique access for either Internal Marketers and/or outside Registered Reps seeking a capital raising broker/dealer platform.

Philosophically, Alternative Assets strives to create the optimal balance with our “Partner” Registered Representatives and/or Internal Marketers to provide the desired mix of investor and manager intelligence, compliance and legal services, accounting, regulatory infrastructure and investor access that help them achieve the capital raising goals individually. Furthermore, where there is an interest in opportunistic collaboration, Alternative Assets can offer the desired man power as well as product mix.  In sum, Alternative Assets strives to make available to its Partner Registered Representatives a larger range of products and services that can more comprehensively monetizes our Partner Registered Reps’ rolodexes and overall revenue streams.